I would like to take a minute to introduce our new book, 3 Off the Tee: Targeting Success by Lorii Myers.  We are currently offering this non-fiction title at a preferred wholesale price as a corporate premium.  Quality books are a great way to express your appreciation to both clients and employees alike.  Think of it as a corporate statement – a gift that says “thank you for your business” or “thank you for a job well done.”

Moreover, as this is a pre-publication title, you can provide a corporate “book review” to be included in the review section of the book making it a personalized gift premium.  

In Targeting Success, the juxtaposition of business and personal success to the game of golf offers great appeal.  Golf is the business game of choice and weaving references of the game throughout the book commands attention all on its own.  In this respect Targeting Success is unique in its “healthy competition, sports oriented approach” to achieving success in the business world.

Although geared toward a business audience, the book teaches lessons of leadership, communication, teamwork and positive change - skills that, arguably, anyone can benefit from mastering.

With many jobs still in jeopardy and the overall market still digging its way out of the hole, developing and maintaining a positive business attitude has never been more crucial.

Targeting success is an entertaining read, packed with great ideas and motivation to challenge and inspire.  The “three off the tee” mentality means that even if you make a bad play, you learn from it and move forward, better than before!  You play to win!

The author’s entrepreneurial success, coupled with her competitive spirit, lessons of good sportsmanship and love of the game of golf, send a consistent and compelling message: The right attitude is everything!  

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3 Off the Tee: Targeting Success details:

Author:  Lorii Myers

Targeting Success is the first in a series of motivational self-improvement books to be published under the 3 Off the Tee brand.

Publication date set at Mar. 01, 2011 with distribution established throughout Canada and U.S. 

Primary Genres:  Business, workplace, career/occupation, education, motivation, and self-help.

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Contact:  Jill Walsh
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Lorii Myers has three decades of experience as a manager, controller, and business owner. An accomplished woman by the age of thirty, she asserts that the “right attitude” is essential. Targeting Success is the first in a forthcoming series to be published under the 3 Off the Tee brand. Make It Happen, her second title, promises “a current, timely, and thought-provoking journey of self-discovery” that will help readers “develop the right mind-set” for achieving personal success.

Myers’ innovative slant will appeal to business-minded individuals who love golf. Her creative advice may benefit any employer, employee, or entrepreneur seeking motivational assistance. Compact and organized, Targeting Success is for busy people who need that special nudge from a competent coach.

ForeWord Clarion Reviews

Extremely positive!  

3 Off the Tee:  Targeting Success is a modern-day-sports-oriented-healthy-competition approach to achieving success in business and in life.  

Myers' wit, enthusiasm, and business smarts will tweak your motivation into high gear.  It's one thing to feel encouraged and challenged, but Myers takes it one step further reinforcing the vision of what success really means to the reader.  

An undeniable "Trust Your Swing" morale booster!

Sal Occhipinti, President, Corpcom International
Building Partnerships  www.Corpcom.ca

Let’s face it, the world has gone crazy for golf…everyone you speak to today has taken up the game! 

Lorii Myers' new book will take you into the world of business through the kaleidoscope of golf. Often we need to look at a problem from a different perspective to see the solution.  Myers' approach does just that.  

The core principles that make an exceptional golfer are the same core principles that make for an exceptional businessperson.  If your objective is a “hole in one” in the business world, then 3 off the Tee:  Targeting Success is a must read.

Chris Leader, President, Leader's Edge Training

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